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новая косилка 4-5-6 DISCS ROTARY MOWER
новая косилка 4-5-6 DISCS ROTARY MOWER
новая косилка 4-5-6 DISCS ROTARY MOWER изображение 2
Тип косилка
Место расположения Турция
Дата размещения 18 мая 2023
Agriline ID GK34150
Состояние новый

Дополнительная информация — Новая косилка 4-5-6 DISCS ROTARY MOWER

Disc mower is used to cut especially feed plants growing horizontally like vetch
white clover
lotus corniculatus and for reaping all kinds of meadow
pasture and feed plants by the efect of air stream providedduringrotationofdiscs. Work and transport positions can be easily adjusted by the help of hydraulic system. By means of safety mechanism the machine is protected against damage which may occur if it hits hard and big objects (tree
by moving back ward
Features include
Two high-quality
reversible knives per disc on four
five or six oval cutting discs
Rock guards and skid shoes to protect discs and carry the cutterbar over uneven ground
An enclosed gear-driven cutterbar that provides years of reliable service
A 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline
Adjustable flotation springs for changing cutterbar ground pressure
An articulation joint that allows mowers to operate above and below horizontal
A spring-loaded breakaway latch that protects the cutterbar
A single-acting hydraulic cylinder that easily lifts the cutterbar after each pass
3-point hitch mounting
Cutterbar shock protection standard
Handles most any crop condition
from wet field to downed crops
Built with heat-treated components to stand up to extreme conditions
Uses a close-coupled design for maximum ride stability
especially in tight turns​
Modular Cutterbar
Results in superior crop flow that reduces streaking
Ensures quick mowing
Heavy-duty frame and rugged canopy use a cantilevered design for smooth crop flow across cutterbar​
Quick Change Knives
Reversible knife blades change quickly without raising the cutterbed
Knife bolts are located on top of the modular discs for easy access
Rotating Modular Knife Blades
A rotating modular knife blade provides thorough and uniform crop cutting
Each disc houses two knife blades
Blades rotate at 3,000 rpm
Disc hardware is specially designed and treated for extreme durability to resist abrasive conditions
Sealed and Self-Contained Modules Resist Damage
independent splined driveshaft sections link modules
Shafts are made from alloy steel with roll-formed splines for strength and are hardened for added durability
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