Новый кукурузоуборочный комбайн SINGLE ROW CORN HARVESTER

новый кукурузоуборочный комбайн SINGLE ROW CORN HARVESTER
новый кукурузоуборочный комбайн SINGLE ROW CORN HARVESTER изображение 2
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Тип кукурузоуборочный комбайн
Место расположения Турция
Дата размещения 18 мая 2023
Agriline ID UK34150
Состояние новый

Дополнительная информация — Новый кукурузоуборочный комбайн SINGLE ROW CORN HARVESTER

The hydraulically mounted type maize chooper is mounted to tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit via universal three point linkage system. Therefore transportation to the field can be easily done.Maize Chopper is an economical machine powered directly by the tractor power-take-off shaft and it operates without straining the tractor with low power and low fuel depletion for long years without any problem
It is able to perform high-quality cutting even at the maximum work speed with its mowing discs that are made from special steel material with a high degree of hardness and that have the automatic grinding unit
in this way
the nutrients of the plants and the water content in the plant are preserved. A cutting plate may be placed inside the cutting mechanism in order to chop particularly dry corn particles
The silage length is determined with the help of the cutting plate that could be adjusted by means of a bolt.It blows the chopped material quickly from inside the discharge pipe towards the trailer due to its strong fan and blower wings on the fan
The discharge pipe can be directed with a remote control without tiring the user. Thanks to its foldable pipe
it easily passes even the lowest places. Mechanical components are protected against overload with the pin cutting safety device
*Knife grinding is easily carried out with the built-in sharpening device
*The height of the machine can be reduced by folding down the upper part of the chute
*PTO 540
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